Having a quality roof over your home is a huge investment. You’ll want to work with the best roofing contractor to ensure your roof is installed correctly and in line with the local building codes.

However, no two roofing companies are created equal, so you need to take your time to learn what roofing contractors offer to help you make an informed choice. Some homeowners often hire general contractors to work on their roof to save money, but because they don’t specialize in roofing they can make costly mistakes on your roof and cause you to incur huge losses in the long run.

Here are 4 things a roofing contractor does that a general contractor cannot:

1. Higher Expertise

A general contractor may be able to make some repairs on your roof, but a roofing contractor has the specialized expertise to identify roof issues and how to best fix them. Moreover, most states and municipalities require roofing work to be done by a licensed roofer. So, it could be illegal for a general contractor to work on your roof.

A professional roofer specializes in roofing so you can rest assured they will deliver high-quality work, spot hidden damages, and make appropriate repairs. Additionally, an experienced roofing contractor is well-versed with the latest roofing technologies and can guarantee perfect results without committing any mistakes.

2. Professional Roofing Inspection

A professional roofer is highly experienced in dealing with different types of roofs and can easily identify hidden damages during routine roof inspections. They will know the best course of action. They also have the right tools and equipment to install, repair, or replace roofs faster and more efficiently.

3. Provides In-House Crew

A reputable roofing contractor provides an in-house crew to complete your roof instead of subcontractors. They work on timelines and will complete your roofing project as fast as possible and move on to the next assignment. Roofing companies also understand different types of roofs and know the best approach to take in order to save time and money. Moreover, their highly-skilled roofers often provide excellent artistry, which ensures your roof will remain in top-notch conditions for several years before it requires any repairs.

4. Knowledge of Local Building Codes

Roofing contractors understand the local building codes and will follow all the laid down guidelines when installing your roof. Building codes vary by state so it’s important to work with a local contractor who understands and adheres to your local laws. If building codes aren’t met, you could end up with delays in the project execution or fines and penalties due to non-compliance. Always consult your roofer if you have questions about your project.  Overall, working with a reputable local roofer offers a lot of benefits over hiring a general contractor. So, when you need a roof installation, replacement, or repair in Idaho, Utah, and Montana, Roof Rescue is your ultimate choice. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced consultants!