A good roof should keep you and your family safe and dry for decades. But sooner or later, your roofer will say those dreaded words, “It’s time for a complete roof replacement.”

When that day comes, it’s important to go into it as well-informed as you can. You should know your options, understand the roof replacement process, and have an idea of what you can expect your roof replacement timeline to look like. Above all, you should work with a roofing company who values openness and quality workmanship.

What Goes Into a Full Roof Replacement

When we talk about a full roof replacement, it’s important to emphasize what we mean! It isn’t simply laying down a new roof over your existing shingles —this is referred to as re-roofing— but first tearing off your old roof before installing a brand-spanking-new one. This includes each of the roof’s essential layers and components: 

  • Shingles are your roof’s suit of armor. When they are cracked, warped or missing, this is a sign of significant damage, and roof replacement may be necessary.
  • Decking is the wood surface which serves as a base for all the shingles. If shingles have been seriously damaged, it’s likely the decking will also need to be replaced. 
  • Underlayment will also be included in a full roof replacement. This is a water-resistant layer installed directly on the roof’s decking.
  • Flashing is a thin material (usually a strip of metal) which is installed around roof features like vents, chimneys and skylights to prevent leaks.
  • Drip Edge will be installed around the entire perimeter of the roof to keep water from penetrating into your home.

What You Should Expect

The thing you should expect first and foremost from a quality roofing contractor is open communication. From the moment you first speak with them on the phone, your roofer should be upfront about their process and the costs associated with roof replacement. You are always entitled to courteous service, no hidden fees, and a willingness to answer all your questions. Here’s how the ball usually gets rolling:

  • When you contact a roofing company, they will schedule a time to send out a member of their team to inspect your roof. The inspector will make recommendations for next steps based on the inspection.
  • If it is determined a full roof replacement is required, your roofer will offer you some options (i.e. types and colors of roofing material) for you to choose from. Your roofer should work with you to arrive at the best materials for your roof.
  • Based on your choices, you will get an estimate which includes the total cost of roof replacement and a breakdown of how your roofer estimated the cost.
  • If you agree to the estimate, your roofers will offer you a contract to sign. Be sure to read the contract in full and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have before signing it. 

What Happens Next

Once you’ve accepted the estimate from your roofing contractor and signed the contract, work on your new roof can begin. You may have to wait a short time while materials are ordered and scheduling can happen, but once everyone is ready to begin your full roof replacement should take no more than a few days. The actual roof replacement process typically looks something like this:

  • Your roofing contractor will order the necessary materials, and they will be delivered to your home. You will receive a call to schedule work on a day which fits your schedule.
  • You may be asked to make preparations before the roofers arrive, such as clearing away lawn furniture and other objects near your house and making sure your driveway is clear. 
  • Pending any changes in the weather, your roofer will arrive on time and get to work! Their first job will be tearing off your old roof and disposing of it. 
  • Once the old roof is out of the way, your new roof can be installed. In many cases, this takes only a single day, but may take a bit longer if you have a larger roof or one which requires more detail work.
  • The roofing crew will do a final cleanup once your roof is installed. This should include removal of all parts of the old roof, and using a magnet to make sure no nails are left on your property.
  • A final inspection will be performed by the manager of the roofing crew.

Ready to learn more about what to expect with your roof replacement? Contact us today. Here at Roof Rescue, our goal is to not only offer the best roof replacement services in Idaho, Utah and Montana, but also to make sure all our customers remain well informed throughout the entire process.