Operation Roof Rescue: Celebrating 10 Years of Roofing Excellence!

As we mark a decade of serving our communities with top-tier roofing solutions, we’re thrilled to announce a special initiative that embodies our commitment to giving back. In honor of our 10th-year anniversary, we’re giving away four free roofs to individuals who make a significant impact in our society.


Our Heroes:

      1. Veterans/Military Personnel: Honoring their service and sacrifice.

      1. First Responders: Recognizing their bravery and dedication.

      1. Teachers: Appreciating their tireless efforts in shaping our future.

      1. Community Member: For someone who may not fit into the above categories but still deserves a helping hand.

    We believe in the power of gratitude and service, and this giveaway is our humble way of saying thank you to those who make our community stronger, safer, and more resilient.

    If you know someone deserving of a new roof, nominate them today!

    Together, let’s continue to build a brighter future, one roof at a time. Thank you for a wonderful 10 years of trust and support! 

     #RoofsOfGratitude #DecadeOfExcellence 

    Please provide us with some details about the individual you’d like to nominate for the free roof giveaway.

    Specifically, we’ll need to know their name, their occupation (if they are a veteran/military personnel, first responder, teacher, or a community member), and a brief explanation of why you believe they deserve this gift.

    Additionally, include basic details about their financial strain and the urgent need for a new roof. Retired individuals can certainly be nominated if they meet the criteria outlined for the giveaway. Retirement doesn’t diminish the impact of their past service or contributions to their community.
    If you have someone in mind who is retired but has made a significant difference through their past career or community involvement, they would be a fitting nominee for the giveaway.

    The Roof Rescue family will review all nominations and select deserving recipients based on these criteria. Thank you for your participation in this initiative!

    • Nominations will close August 18th, 2024.  Recipients will be announced September 2nd, 2024.
    • Roofs will be completed before October 31st, 2024.
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